Not a spring chicken

August 18, 2008

Saturday I was going to spend he day at my friend Amy’s house, have some girl time, and make some Piña Colada cookies so we needed dark rum, which neither of us happen to have. So since it was on my way to her house I stopped at the ABC store to get a very tiny bottle (we only needed two tablespoons) of this:

and since I was there, something for my husband:

So, I go into the store, no big deal, head back to get the Maker’s Mark… there is no small containers of the dark rum, so I ask… they get it etc… I go up to the register with my purchases in my hand, get out my deit card, have my license ready… and he never asks for it.

This is the first time I’ve NOT been carded. Now I’m not sure if that means I just look way over 21 now, and I’ve passed my prime of looking young enough for them to have to ask me… or that perhaps they just weren’t doing their job like they were supposed to. Maybe because I looked like I knew where I was going and what I was doing (which for the record I don’t really drink alcohol at all, and this may have been about my 5th trip ever to an ABC store) I didn’t look suspicious.

Regardless of the reason, when I got back into my car I was actually pretty upset. I don’t know why this upset me, really not getting carded saves the hassle, but in the same breathe, do I look that old? I’m only 25 (I know, a woman never reveals her age, blah, blah, but still!) so I think I should still be getting asked for my ID. I guess I just don’t like feeling old, and for some reason that stood out at me as “hey, you’re old”!

I’m not sure that this classifies as a rant, a ramble, or just something random, but either way I thought I would share.



  1. First of all, there is no way that you look too old to be carded. Second, the only times I ever get carded is when I DON’T have my ID accessible. Whenever I have it on the ready they don’t ask…and I’m definitely older than you!

  2. Aww, I know what you’re talking about though. John and I have been going to some local wineries and doing some tastings (I swear I’m going to find a wine that I like!). The very first one we went to, I got IDed. I was the only and it made me feel so young! I loved it…. but none of the rest asked for my ID… very sad…

  3. LOL Julie…I know the feeling!

  4. I’ve actually found that when you have your id out they dont check. I knew someone that would buy beer in high school that way, he would have his id out and the clerk wouldnt check it or question the purchase. Its a if you have it out and look like you know what you are doing, most people will just let you be.

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