I believe in prayer

August 19, 2008

I know that since I’ve just started this blog I probably shouldn’t jump right into anything like this, but I believe prayer works. So any of you who have started reading this I would like to ask that if you pray, please pray for Chris’s grandmother. She had open heart surgery this past Thursday, and she came through it okay, but there have been some complications. She started getting fluid in her lungs so they had to operate again to get that out, and now all she is doing is sleeping.

The doctors can’t seem to explain why she is sleeping so much. They say that the medicine they are giving her shouldn’t have her sleeping as much as she is. They say she needs to breathe more deeply and cough more.

So please, if you pray keep her in your prayers, and if you don’t please keep her in your thoughts. She is such a wonderful woman, we all just want her to get back to her usual happy and vigorous self.

Me, Chris, and GramMe

Me, Chris, and GramMe


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