Dandelion jam? (Pt. 2)

September 2, 2008

The Shenandoah Heritage Farmer’s Market. That was our next stop, and I’m not sure how while in college I never learned of this place’s existence. Let me just say that I would have eaten MUCH better during my time in an apartment if I had!

This place is HUGE too! They have several different shops within one large place. They also have a farmer’s market among other things.

They had a windmill, and I swear the fish in the pond out front would have jumped out of the water at you if you had food. They followed us as we walked from one end of the pond to the other. I gather they are probably well-fed fish.

There was this one place that had at least 50 different varieties of jams, jellies, butters and syrups. The best part was that almost everything was out so you could sample the different types with oyster crackers. They even had flavors like Dandelion and Zucchini berry etc.

As was mentioned previously, Chris LOVES raspberries, so of course we ended up with a jar of red raspberry jam. We also each got a very small jar that we wanted in addition. I chose Strawberry banana, and Chris chose Strawberry pineapple. The reason we went to this particular location in the first place was because my mom had asked us to see if we could get her some more Huckleberry Jam. Well, mission accomplished.

They also had a cafe of sorts there, and the BEST ICE CREAM EVER! We were planning on going to Kline’s while we were there, but seriously, this ice cream put Kline’s to shame. I had the butter pecan and chocolate coconut toasted almond… OMG SO GOOD!!! (Not good for you I’m sure, but…) I only wish I’d taken a photo!

After that we called it a day for Saturday and went back to the hotel to relax, even went swimming in the pool (until some small children turned a relaxing afternoon into a somewhat loud one… so we left the pool area). Then for dinner we went to Taste of Thai. It was very enjoyable, we even had fried bananas.

Then Sunday… the last day of our trip… to be continued…


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