Excited about Goat Cheese! (Pt. 1)

September 2, 2008

Labor Day weekend was a much needed break for me. Three whole days that I did not want to be stuck in the house, but still wanted to relax a little. Well, my husband must really love me because we went to Harrisonburg, VA Friday night and stayed through Sunday afternoon.

The reason we went up to the Shenandoah Valley was because of the Green Valley book fair which is held six times a year for two weeks each. It also just so happens that I went to college at James Madison University (GO DUKES!) which also happens to be in Harrisonburg, so that was an added bonus for me!

We got to Harrisonburg late Friday evening and were both pretty hungry. Since I hadn’t had it in years, we got delivery from Dave’s Taverna, a local place which was always great for late nights during college, and the souvlaki was just as I remember… yum.

Saturday morning we grabbed our continental breakfast and headed to the farmer’s market. It was great! (http://www.harrisonburgfarmersmarket.com/) We may have gotten a little carried away, but you can’t beat fresh fruit and produce… the first thing we found was raspberries… Chris LOVES them… and we got twice as much in a package as you would find in the grocery store for a lower price. Then there was sweet corn: mostly out of season in our area, but not up there! So we got 12 ears, six to give to my parents and six for us! Then we came across the peaches… beautiful, and only $5 for a 1/2 peck. We had to get them. The last thing I believe we got was sort of on a whim… goat cheese. They had out samples of the different kinds, and the lady has the soft cheeses that she makes herself fresh weekly, and the hard cheeses that have to age to be good for market so she makes them ahead. Well, the spreads were awesome! We got some of the garlic and chives spread and a small piece of the cheddar. I’m so excited to eat this with crackers!

After taking our goodies back to the hotel we headed to the bookfair:

Don’t be fooled by it’s commonplace appearance. Like so many things, it is not what’s outside, but what is inside that counts. (5 points if you know what that’s from without looking it up.) This photo does it no justice at all. This place is over 250,000 square feet holding approximately 500,000 books in all their hardback and soft back glory. Did I mention that everything there is 60% – 90% off retail? Glorious I tell you, this place is glorious! Ok, enough of that: moving on to the good stuff.

Chris and I combined got 28 books (2 of which were audio books and 1 a recipe holding book) for what equals out to be around $4 each. All in all I’d say we got a GREAT deal. It’s totally worth the drive.

Afterwards we ate lunch outside (hot dogs and such for a local charity) and took some random photos.

Also, this is all of our books!:

Then we decided to check out the Shenandoah Heritage Market… to be continued…


One comment

  1. Looks like you had so much fun! I’m so glad you decided to go. The goat cheese you tried must be better than I’ve had before, yuck! lol

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