JMU and on the road again… (Pt. 3)

September 2, 2008

Sunday morning brought the realization that it was time to go home. So off to Mr. J’s bagels we went first and had a nice little breakfast. Then we were going to the JMU bookstore and home, but alas come to find out the bookstore didn’t open until noon, so we decided to go look around the arboretum for a while. It was a lovely morning, and so we walked around the lake, fed the ducks, and walked a few of the trails.

Even the arboretum has changed since I graduated.

We had a great time in the arboretum, then one quick photo op before the bookstore and then home.

We went to the bookstore, I got the two newest MRD CDs and a JMU sweater, stopped by Sheetz to grab some food for the road and some gas… and we were off!

Okay, one last scenic view.  What a great weekend trip!



  1. Aww, it looks like you had so much fun! I’m so glad you decided to go!

  2. When did you get a blog?? and why was I not informed!! I added to my GR. 🙂

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