A Nice dinner

October 15, 2008

So even though this was ages ago, I want to show how we do in fact like to entertain sometimes.

It’s so nice to get out the fine china and even have a glass of wine and (in this case) a nice Italian meal.

Several weeks ago we had my aunt and uncle over for dinner, and we pulled out all the stops!

We had wine, salad, manicotti, garlic bread and carrot cake (though I can’t take credit for the carrot cake, it was store bought because we were in a rush).

I would list the recipe we used for the manicotti, but we used what was on the side of the box of noodles, and then tweaked it to our own liking, but right now I couldn’t tell you the changes, I just don’t remember.

It was a really fun night though, and I like to think everything looked really nice:

Here’s a photo of the manicotti.  We didn’t take a photo of it on the plate because, well, we may have mastered cooking it, but we haven’t exactly mastered serving it yet.  🙂


One comment

  1. Looks so purdy! That’s my favorite part of entertaining I think, creating a pretty table-scape (As Sandra Lee says).

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