My boat

October 17, 2008

From the title you probably think I have a boat.  I don’t. I do however work next to a bridge that has a set of locks, so on a nice day it opens every hour on the hour to let boats through.  I usually try to time my lunch so I can watch the boats go through and they come in many shapes and sizes.

Earlier this week as I was watching them go through I began reading the names on the back, and it occurred to me that many people name their boats things with a double meaning.  For example I just recently saw the movie Fool’s Gold and the name of his boat was “Booty Call.”  It had a double meaning because, well, he was a treasure hunter, and he liked extracurricular bedroom activities, though seemingly more in the library than the bed.  Back to topic.

All of this got me thinking about what I would name my boat if I had one, and it didn’t take me long to figure it out!  I would name my boat “Nothin’ But Net” and have an image of a fish in a net, similar to a basketball going through a hoop.  For those of you that know me it’s the perfect double meaning.  I’m a huge basketball fan (one meaning of the phrase) but then there’s the fishing phrase also of putting the fishin the net.

I’m sure this seems completely random, but I thought it was rather witty.  What do you think?

If you had a boat, what would you name it?


One comment

  1. LOL! I love your boat name. If I had one I’d probably name it the same as our Wii consule (ya know how you have to creat a name?) – Wiivers. One meaning, we love Wii, second meaning, our last name is Weaver so it sounds the same, and third meaning boats are fun and fast and I’d probably say “weeee” alot if I owned a boat. 😀

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