For my Husband

October 29, 2008

I’ve been meaning to do this survey for quite some time now.  Many of my friends and fellow bloggers did it ages ago, but I kept forgetting about it.

Well, because my husband is in Japan right now and I’m missing him, I figured it would be a perfect time to do this survey to see how well I know him.  Maybe when he reads it he’ll let me know if I’m right or wrong.

How well do you know your husband/wife?

1. They are watching TV….. What are they watching?
G-4 (X-Play, Attack of the Show), Chuck, Heroes, or one of his DVD shows (Star Trek Enterprise, CSI, Stargate SG-1 or Stargate Atlantis)

2. You’re out to eat.what kind of dressing do they get on their salad?

Honey Mustard or Raspberry Vinagrette

3.What’s one food this person doesn’t like?
definitely coconut

4. You go out for a drink. He/she orders…

Alcoholic: Whiskey and ginger-ale: Maker’s Mark is perferred, Non: Full Throttle, Mountain Dew

5 Where did he/she go to high school?

Parker High

6.What size shoe do they wear?

12, depending on the show because obviously shoes fit differenly

7. If this person were to collect anything, it would be?

Star Wars legos (and he does), also ANYTHING tigers

8.What is their favorite type of car?

He likes the Dodge Chargers, but really I’m not sure he has a true favorite.

9. This person could eat __________ everyday?


10.Favorite cereal?

That’s easy, Honey Nut Chex

11. This person wouldn’t be caught dead wearing…
Hmm… that’s a tough one.  Probably a tie given the choice?

12.Favorite sports team?

Green Bay Packers, although he’s not a “HUGE” sports fan

13.Who will he/she vote for?

I don’t know if he wants me to tell cyberspace

14.What is their sign?

Aries, but we don’t follow that stuff

15.What is something you do that he wishes you didn’t do?

Leave dirty clothes anywhere but in the laundry basket

16.How many states has this person lived in?

At least 4 I think.

17.What is his heritage?
That’s a good question, I think I knew at some point, but I can’t remember

18. You bake them a cake for their birthday….What kind do they want?

Pineapple upsidedown cake or my mom’s chocolate cake

19.Did he/she play sports in high school?

He didn’t play sports

20. This person could spend hours….

playing the computer

Now… how well do you know your spouse? (JKnotties, this means you!)

P.S. I borrowed this my friend, Beth!


One comment

  1. You did pretty good except for my high-school. I don’t think I would have done as well on your survey.

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