Stream of Consciousness

November 4, 2008

The late day sun
transforms her space
a hot pink glow
in a pale white room
melts into the naked hallway
Meanwhile a cerulean sky
stares down
above a grassy field
Drums on the afternoon breezes
blow the leaves
as I swing
And silver trumpets
high and proud
a sparkling
Their presence
like a speaker
And a wave
across a thunderous sea
maroon and orange
blanketing the space
Sixty thousand people for a cause
A tiny, fluffy mass
of brown and white fur
scrambling across the linoleum
He licks the strawberry shortcake concoction
from the floor and
we’re thankful
it’s not going to waste
Then intent stares and longing expressions
Hungry for a worthy punch line
Turning from
When wants are fulfilled
That dimly lit lecture hall
200 people strong
in the evening
A video echoes,
So moving,
No other sound
Moon and stars
in a velvet sky
Not dark,
not encompassing,
It’s not like back home
Here: too many lights
She’s drunk again,
the laughter loud
Counter covered in cans
She needs to move on
He isn’t worth it
Clutter like the first week of school
Books all around,
clothes in a pile
Bed unmade and random
Desk piled high with mess
Blue color revealed under it all

Just a little flashback to some college poetry of mine.  Hope you enjoyed.


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