What a surprise!

November 4, 2008

Well, they’re counting the votes as we speak.  Regardless of the outcome I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by my voting experience.

Some people in my city had to wait as much as six hours to vote today.  My husband had to wait just over two hours when he went to vote this morning.  I had resigned myself to vote no matter how long it took after I got off of work today, so I had my umbrella, Ipod, and book ready to wait in line.  My husband was even going to drop me off and pick me up since parking had been such a problem.

As it turns out all of my worries were in vain.  We got to the polls and actually thought that they were closed because there were practically no cars to be seen.  In fact, I was dropped off right in front of the door, and there were a total of three people voting (including myself) when I was at the polls, which took me a total of about five minutes.

So that was a particularly surprising blessing on my night.  I was truly SHOCKED that the polls were so deserted.  I guess that everyone thought if they didn’t vote this morning their votes wouldn’t be counted.  Who knows, but I’m not complaining!



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