Library Policies

November 6, 2008

I’m in a book club.  It’s an online book club, and we don’t discuss the books so much as we recommend different books to one another for the month.  I love it though because it gets me to read books I otherwise might not have picked up on my own.

Well, this month’s book is a new release: The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks.  That shouldn’t be hard to come across except that I’ve put myself on a book buying freeze (I really am a bookworm, so it’s for my own good) and have been frequenting the library for anything I want to read but don’t already own.

The best part about the library is that I’ve been getting my book club books on CD so I can listen to them at work.  That’s a double bonus because it allows me to “escape” at work, but I also get to read double the amount of books I usually would if I were just reading in the evenings.

Getting a book at the library during the month has not yet been a problem, but the book of the month has never been a new release before.  I’m a huge supporter of my library system’s online hold placement.  You can get online, look up a book you want to read, place it on hold, and they’ll email you when your book is ready to be picked up.  When I went to place this months book on CD on hold however, the system won’t allow it.

When I went to the library a few days later returning something else, I asked the lady helping me about this conundrum.  She said that they don’t allow reservations on new releases.  To this I replied, “Well how are you ever supposed to be able to read a new release?”  Her response?  You just have to be lucky enough to be in the library when the book is returned.  So what am I supposed to do, camp out in the library every afternoon and just hope that the person who has this book returns it so I can attack them and take it before some other bookworm grabs it up?

Now don’t get me wrong, I really do like the library system and everything about it, (though there are some people out there who shouldn’t be allowed to listen to books on CD based on how they treat them… it’s just not right) but this just doesn’t make sense to me.  Apparently the logic is that this way everyone has an even shot at getting a new release.  However, isn’t that the entire point of placing a book on hold?  You put your name on the list and when it’s your turn, you get to read the book.

I apologize for the rant, but this just makes absolutely no logical sense to me.  Is this the policy at other libraries?  Do you have trouble getting any books that you want to read?



  1. Ugh, our library is the same way and it’s sooo annoying. But on a different note, I’m currently reading Lucky One, and so far, you aren’t missing anything. I looove NS, but this book is just weird…

  2. That sucks! If ours has that rule, it is only in place for a short time. I know we have 7 day “express” books for new releases, where you can only have them a week instead of three. But I know I’ve been able to put holds on everything I’ve tried to get so far. Yuck.

  3. Same at my library. I think thats why I don’t bother borrowing new releases anymore. I am too impatient to wait so I’d rather pay the money to buy the book than wait. HAHA

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