Sneak Peak!

November 16, 2008


I said I would try to make a few updates, so here’s my somewhat sleepy attempt at a first. 🙂

Cirque De Soliel La Nouba was absolutely incredible.  Words cannot describe it, if you go to Disney world YOU MUST GO!  It was that awesome!

Ripley’s Believe it or Not was fun also:

picture-002 picture-0031

Today we went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  It was a ton of fun!

It is also interesting to note that Chip was broken-hearted when he proposed and I had to tell him no, because of course I’m married. 🙂  He “cried” and wiped his eyes with his scarf, but in the end he gave me a big hug, and Chris a thumbs up.  It was hilarious and incredibly cute. 😀


Tomorrow: Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Stay tuned! 😀



  1. LOL @ Chip’s proposal. Glad you crazy kids are having fun!

  2. How very silly…apparently he didn’t notice the ring on your hand, huh!?

  3. That Chip is a player. He does that to all the ladies.

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