Amy’s scarf

February 5, 2009

My friend Amy and I were in Michael’s about a week ago, and we both started wandering our own ways.  She found me in the yarn section (so many of my friends are pregnant I was looking for good soft yarn to make a few baby blankets) and for some reason she never realized that I crochet.  I’m not sure how this didn’t come up until now, but apparently it was new to her.  She mentioned that she didn’t have a scarf she likes that matches one of her coats, so I offered that if she bought the yarn she wanted, I’d make her a scarf… in walks my newest project: Amy’s scarf.

She bought some yarn right then (she picked a soft, gray yarn, don’t have the package in front of me but I can add that in later) and then it was up to me to decide what stitch I want to use.  Well, she wants a very long scarf (it has been pretty cold around here recently) so in the photos, just keep that in mind.  I have decided to use a double crochet texture pattern out of one of my stitch books.  I’ve never used it before, but it is actually pretty easy.

I started last night, and did the first chain and about halfway back.


Then tonight while watching somewhat of a 2-hour massacre on television, (which easily distracted me) I got this much done:


I think it’s looking good so far.  I’ve gotten through one set of the pattern.  Once I get a little further along I’ll try to take a close-up of the pattern.  Forgive the photos, it was the best I could do under the circumstances.  It’s also curled up like that because otherwise I don’t think I could fit it all into one photograph!

So there’s my current crochet project.  It’s nice to be doing it again!  After the scarf though, I feel like I might be making baby blankets for a while.


One comment

  1. Have you worked with Lion brand Homespun yarn. It is SO soft and my very favorite for baby blankets. The following is my very favorite pattern although I do the knit version rather than this crochet one:

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