Flashback Friday

February 6, 2009

I wasn’t sure what I should write about for today, so I figured why not do a flashback?  It has been REALLY cold here recently (at least by my standards… I don’t understand how people can actually inhabit places like Canada and New England.  No thanks.  Well, since it is cold here, why not show some flashback photos of another time in my life that I was very cold?  It seemed like the perfect idea to me, so here goes.

This one goes back to my sophomore year of college… there was a HUGE ice storm, so what are roommates to do?  Why go out and take photos of course!

lisa-julie-adrienneIt was just a little bit cold, can you tell?




I was taking a photography class at the time, so I was trying to find some good shots.  The last one shows exactly how much damage ice can do though.

Well, I hope that everyone has a fantastic Friday, and has enjoyed my brief trip down memory lane. 🙂



  1. Just looking at the bench picture makes me shiver.

  2. Brrrrr that looks cold! I cant wait for our warm temps this weekend and early next week!

  3. I remember when we used to get snow. You know, it was that white stuff that fell from the sky and covered the ground. We never see it anymore.

  4. i love the third pic!

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