Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

March 2, 2009

So, I’ve been meaning to post my decorations for Valentine’s day and February since… well… Valentine’s day and February.  Better late than never right!?

My husband and I sort of celebrated our own Valentine’s day the Friday before.  It actually worked out that we had a free Valentine’s date. 🙂  That’s always nice.  We had gotten an Applebee’s gift certificate for Christmas, and also some movie passes… so we used them.  He took me to see Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.  Now, many of you might be thinking that my husband took me to see that because it was his choice.  Don’t get me wrong, he really enjoys the Underworld movies, but in truth, I think I like them more.  So, it was a win-win for both of us.  Who doesn’t love a great action action film of vampires and werewolves, am I right?

I really enjoyed the film.  I thought that as far as prequels go it really tied the entire trilogy together, and it didn’t make the other two movies any less awesome.  Some prequels have a tendency of doing that: they’ll have better technology when it’s made so they add new weapons etc., but they did a very good job of keeping everything consistent I thought.  I was also so glad to see Kevin Greviox back as Raze.  He had a rather small part in the other two movies, but this gave him a new chance to shine.

Since we celebrated Valentine’s day on Friday, we decided to have my parents over on the actual day for dinner and a movie.  We had Chris’s famous tater-tot casserole for dinner, and then we watched “The Dark Knight” on our new Blu-Ray player!  My dad hadn’t seen the movie before, so he really enjoyed that.  I had full intentions of taking photos that day, but it sort of slipped my mind.  So instead you get ‘the day after’ photos.

My friend Nina sent me a lot of neat Valentine’s day decorations last year because she knew my husband was out of town, and wanted us to celebrate once he got home.  Sadly, it didn’t quite happen that way, but I did save the decorations to use this year!  I thought they were really cute, and I had fun using them.

img_0186 img_0188

img_0189 img_0190

We had balloons, plates, napkins, and place mats (that I used more as table decoration) that all matched.  If you look closely at the second photo you can see the little paper lanterns that also had hearts on them.  Then of course are the clings that I had on our front door, I thought the cupcakes were really ‘sweet’.  I thought it was all very festive and enjoyed having the house decorated.  Thanks Nina!



  1. I am finding that I don’t have any desire to decorate for seasons & holidays anymore. I enjoyed it a lot more when I was single and/or when my house(s) were new & still novel. It will be interesting to see if I get the decorating bug again if we ever move to another house.

  2. Aww! I’m so glad you got to use them!!

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