Amy’s Scarf Pt. 2

March 4, 2009

So, I would have had Amy’s scarf finished by now, but as it turns out I need one more skein of yarn for it.  Well, as my lack of luck would have it… I can’t find the right yarn ANYWHERE!  Shame on Michael’s for not having it in stock… I’ve been looking for this yarn for about a month now.  I need to do about two more rows on the scarf and then add the fringe.  I would at least like Amy to be able to wear her scarf while it’s still cold… this week would in fact be perfect for it.  Why have the yarn pixies taken it away!!!

Here at least is my current progress, since I can’t yet show you the finished project.


Here, also, is sort of a close-up of the pattern I used.  Unfortunately you can’t see it very clearly, but it sort of looks like there are little rosettes on it.


Amy, I really have been working on your scarf, I want to get it to you, I just can’t find the yarn!




One comment

  1. Sad news for you sweetie. Looking at the Bernat website, they have discontinued their Cashmere line.


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