Sunday sunburn

March 8, 2009

What happens when last weekend through most of the week was INCREDIBLY COLD and Friday-Sunday of this weekend were 70° – 80°?  My husband and I went mini-golfing with our friends this afternoon and I figured, oh, I won’t be outside too long… I won’t get sunburned.  The next time I say something like that, please, remind me of today, and how much I truly LOATHE sunburn.  In fact… just remind me that I am in fact a strong advocate for skin cancer awareness and how real of a threat it is.  I should know better.  My mom had skin cancer when she was younger and actually had to have a small portion of her nose removed (it’s not noticeable or anything, but still), I have PALE skin (seriously almost albino here) and I burn in 15 minutes or less, not kidding.  I even have key chain sunblock!  (Unfortunately, I need to put it ON my key chain where it will do some good, or at least in my car.)   So who knows what I was thinking today, but I’m paying for it tonight.  I’m thankful that the sun and warmth was there today, it re-energized me from the cold, but my sunscreen sense was tingling this afternoon, and I failed to listen to it.  Shame on me… SHAME.

And ouch!

Thank goodness for solarcane and aloe.  Oh my goodness!


One comment

  1. I don’t know how that girl in the picture can be smiling as burned as she is. You’re about that red, but you’re not smiling.

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