Daffodils make me happy

March 9, 2009


I’m not sure what it is exactly about daffodils that make me so incredibly happy, but it is quite literally an overwhelming joy that I feel when I see them.  My hope is to plant some myself this fall so we can enjoy them next year. For as long as I can remember I get quite giddy when I see daffodils, and anyone who is in a car with me this time of year can tell you that I will shout like a little girl when I see them in people’s yards or along the highway.  It’s somewhat of an irrational response I suppose, but I think deep down these beautiful and sweet smelling little flowers give me hope.  They give me hope that spring is in fact coming, that the days are getting longer, and that new growth and new things are on the horizon.

Sometimes in the depths of winter I’ll do a search for daffodil images, just to give myself that little boost to get through the rest of the day.  It’s such a beacon of hope that out of a little bulb planted in the depths of fall, these colorful and happy flowers sprout their heads as one of the first signs of spring, shouting out, “Warmer weather is coming, just hang on!”

As long as I’ve lived in Virginia, I’ve still never made it to the Gloucester Daffodil festival, which for someone like me would be an afternoon of absolute joy.  I’m debating on going this year, but it might not happen until next.  Regardless of whether or not I go this year however, I still have these gorgeous little blooms greeting me along roads and highways to  make my days just a little bit brighter.



  1. That’s how we feel about tulips around here. Of course, we have a gigantic tulip festival that we need them for, so its nice when they bloom on schedule. Right now I have a few snow drops in my flower bed and that has me happy enough for now.

  2. I know exactly what you mean!

    You need to go look at First Daffodils 2009 blog and the Daffodil Festivals and Fields website!


    The blog contains images from “first daffodils” around the world as they start to show up. The really interesting “extra” is that the photographer adds a personal comment about the photo.

  3. I love daffodils, I can never get enough of them in the spring. You have now convinced me that I need to go out and pick up some daffodils for my appartment.

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