Kitchen Fiasco

March 18, 2009

It happens to all of us… everything we touch turns to mush at some point or other.  I think that today just happen to be my day.

I was making my “stirfry” of sorts… nothing too complicated.

Because of our limited kitchen counter space, our stove (flat top) often doubles as extra counter space.  This may not always be the best idea however… you can see where this is going can’t you?

I was cutting up pork chops and placing them into the pan I was about to cook them in… when I was just about finished I turned on the burner that the pork chop pan was on, finished cutting up the last pork chop, and went to put the cutting board (this particular one happens to be plastic) and knife by the sink.  For some reason the cutting board seems to be suctioned to the stove, I can’t figure it out.  I know there’s no water or moisture underneath… why…. won’t it… (pulls harder)… come…. UP!  At this point the cutting board JUMPS into my hands and then I realize… as I stare at the steaming pile of melted plastic underneath… why the cutting board was suctioned to the stove: I turned on the wrong burner.

Well, on the bright side, I’ve been wanting to get rid of that particular cutting board anyway.  It has served its usefulness, but for goodness sakes, did I really need to melt it to make that statement?  At this point I let my husband take over for a little bit… after shaking my head on the couch for a bit I resumed cooking dinner, which actually turned out great.  I should have taken some photos to post about it, perhaps another time.

What I learned today: don’t turn any burners on until everything except for said pan is on the burner… also, burning plastic smells HORRIBLE!

So that brings me to the questions at hand: what kitchen mishaps have you had?  Go on, admit it… have you forgotten to pre-cook something and added it to a recipe anyway?  Pre-heat the oven without checking to see if anything was inside?  Add salt instead of sugar?  Go on, spill it… what mishaps have you had, big or little?  Maybe they’ll make me feel not so alone.



  1. I’ve been pretty lucky, but I also had parents with pretty strict safety rules so I try not to put anything on the stove. My biggest frustration is when something gets left in the stove to dry out (cast iron skillet or pizza stone generally) and then I pre-heat without taking it out first. Because then where do you put that super hot item?

  2. I will admit that I’ve melted plastic before, although in my case it was a black nylon spatula to the bottom of my favorite skillet. Oops.

    Other kitchen disasters … at one point, I liked to imitate those tv chefs who never seem to use potholders to get dishes out of the oven – they use dishtowels. Well, as it turns out, there’s a heating element at the TOP of the electric stove too. And if you brush a dry dishcloth up against it, what you get is a dish towel on fire. It was neat. I did remember to toss it in the sink and turn the water on, so no true disaster, but I suppose that it could have been much worse.

    • Lorena, you just made me feel so much better. 🙂 Thanks for the honesty.

  3. I was heating up Taco shells in the pizza oven (Which cooks at about 480 degrees) one night, and they usually only take about 20 get hot in that oven. Anyway, I forgot they were in there, and after about 2 minutes I remembered. I rushed over to the pizza oven to observe black smoke billowing out of the vents, and pulled out the tray to observe 3 not-so-ready-to-eat taco-flambé. Of course, any disaster can be improved by describing it in French. Yay, Thursday is Taco-brûlée night!

  4. My brother and sister in law where cooking at my parents house one time when no one was there and they melted my mom’s really nice pampered chef can opener. Needless to say mom was not a very happy camper. They still hav not replaced it and she mentions it every once in awhile.

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