Did you miss me?

March 24, 2009

I had been so good about updating every day… sorry, life got in the way, it happens.

Saturday I was pretty sick.  I am happy that Duke is still in the NCAA tournament though!  We won to play another day!! 😀  I did actually come to the computer to update, assuming that I would not have missed a day, only to realize that it was after  midnight so it would have been a Sunday post after all.  On that note I just decided to go to sleep.

Sunday (the later part) I was gone for most of the day, and as for Monday, well, it just didn’t happen, as I’m sure you noticed.

Just a little update to say that I’m still here (and glad that someone reads my blog!) and I do have many posts to give, just haven’t had the time.

I do have good news though (and it has nothing to do with car insurance)!  My husband and I changed our gym membership last week, and tonight we both went for our first workout. We purchased some personal training sessions when we signed up, and although we intended to do them separately,  tonight we decided to do them together.  We’ve decided that the best way for us to meet our exercise goals is to attack them together, that way we can hold each other accountable.  I’m pretty excited.  It wasn’t a crazy workout tonight, but it reminds me how out of shape I am, and makes me want to strive that much harder to regain my health.

Lastly, I do have a mild rant on a product that I really don’t recommend or like, and I actually threw the rest of it away (which I NEVER do stuff like that).

I’ll give just about anything a fair shake, and generally I like a mild shampoo.  As far as products that I like, the last two shampoos in a row that I have had have now been discontinued… WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT?  Truly, there is enough information on that one for an entirely different rant that would take up a whole other post, so I’ll leave it for that.  However, in my attempt to find another shampoo, this one is truly awful.

With the previous shampoo I was using, I didn’t have problems with dandruff at all.  I’m not sure if this shampoo just didn’t help keep it away, or actually caused it, but now it’s become an actual problem, and even my husband (who has NEVER had dandruff) has gotten it.  So, back to the drawing board on shampoo.  We’ve both bought another to try, but as far as good for all hair types, this one is not, so buyer beware!

If you’re using it, and it works for you, I’m glad, but as for us, never again!

Well, there’s an update!  More to follow.


One comment

  1. Glad the workouts are going well! I can’t wait to get back into my normal regular routine. There is a lot I can’t do now that I am pg and I miss it.

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