Doggie daydreams

April 1, 2009

Today I’m going to pose some questions to all you dog owners out there.

How much money do you spend on your dog(s) in a month?
Would you recommend getting a dog?

My husband and I have been “talking” about getting a dog for almost two years now.  Recently it has been coming up in conversation more and more, so I think we’re more seriously considering it, but we both know it’s a huge decision and also a large investment.  We know we need to get the fence around our backyard fixed first, but we’ve still been talking about it a lot.  So I’m asking:  give me the good, the bad, and yes… the ugly.  I’d like your insight into dog ownership, is it worth it?



  1. I would totally recommend dog ownership!!! I don’t really spend that much on Paisley in any given month. We get 20 pounds of dog food which normally lasts several months. It is organic dog food so it is a little more expensive, but after that whole dog food scare I am scared to feed her anything else. I normally get her abag of treats a month which normally runs about $10 a bog because we get the huge bag from Sam’s normally is lasts a couple months, but I said every month because sometimes I will pick up a small bag of something at Wal-Mart’s or somewhere like that. He has way too many dog toys because every time I go into a pet supply store I have to get her something. I don’t go in them very often anymore so that saves me money. I do take her to the vet to get an annual exam each year and then if she gets sick or something like that. All in all she is a relatively cheap dog. she would get along just fine with like 3 toys, but I always felt that she needed more.

  2. I have a guinea pig, not a dog. But I wanted to comment anyway.

  3. Okay, I’m late on replying, but I know you still want my opinion. 🙂 I absolutely could not imagine my life without Zerbie. She is completely a member of the family. I think what you spend on animals though depends on how big of a spender you are and the size of the animal. Zerbie (weighs 100 lbs) obviously will eat a lot more than smaller dogs. You can buy really expensive food, middle of the road food, or cheap food. You can buy the dog tooons of toys or just a few….. It’s a lot like raising a kid I think. Everyone spends a different amount on their children, everyone just makes it work.

  4. Oh, as far as cons of owning a dog… whenever we go on vacation we have to find someone to house sit/dog sit. Which is an added expensive, and sometimes difficult to find someone.

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