Course 1 – Class 1

April 7, 2009

So, I wasn’t going to post anything about it until I was sure that I was doing it, but I started the Wilton Cake decorating Course 1 class last night!

Last night was basically going over the course book, the instructor telling us “what you have to have, what Wilton wants you to have, what is a piece of crap, and some ways I think work better.”  So far I love our instructor, she is a pistol, to put it lightly.  She has no trouble telling you how she feels about stuff, how she does it, and what she skips.

We watched her torte a cake, fill it, crumb it, ice it, and do a shell border, roses, leaves and write on it.  Our “homework” for next class is that when we come in we need at least an 8″ cake baked, (filling is optional) crumbed and iced… with a recipe of icing in 4 different colors, but we can mix the colors there if we want.  I believe we are doing the ‘rainbow cake’ next week.

It’s strange that I’m so excited about this, but I really am.  My mom decorated cakes for a living when I was younger… she did wedding cakes, party cakes, just about anything, and i always thought they were so beautiful.  Hopefully I got a few of those genes in the mix!  Now I just want to get in the kitchen, bake and DECORATE!

So here’s to cake decorating, I am so excited!



  1. I’m so excited that you’re taking a class! I hope you have as much fun as I did in my class! I’m looking forward to all the cool cakes that you’ll be creating.

  2. I am in course 1 too! I am getting really excited. For a beginner, do you think I should get the 50 or 101 pc caddy? I don’t have any experience with decorating whatsoever. I know that we need an 8” pan, but how deep? For the rainbow cake, do we bake 2 cakes and remove both crowns (follow page 10 and 11)? Please help.

    • Marie, have you been to the first class yet? Your instructor should go over those things with you. As far as purchasing a caddy, it is entirely up to you. If you are thinking of doing a lot of cake decorating then it might be worth considering, but when your purchase your student kit you’ll get most of the tips needed for that course. Wilton of course wants you to buy EVERYTHING, but some of the items just aren’t necessary.

      As far as what to do for the rainbow cake, I am supposed to bring in an 8″ round cake that is at least 2″ tall, or if we preferred we had the option of a square or sheet cake, as long as it was at least 8″ because that is the size of the transfer. I believe I have the 8″ round 2″ deep pans. As far as whether you have to cut the tops of the cakes, I think it will depend on how evenly they cook.

      Did that help at all?

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