Course 1 – Class 3

April 28, 2009

Well, there’s an interesting story here.  My cake classes are on Monday nights, and if you will recall, last Monday night… I was in NO condition whatsoever to go to class, so I didn’t.  However, I had already made my cake and iced it for class, so finally when I was feeling better last Wednesday night, I decided to have my own little cake decorating class and learn how to make the clown cake after all.

Figure piping isn’t really that bad… I need some work on the shell border though.


You can see that we still have the plastic tablecloth out from my birthday party, it’s great for decorating cakes, I don’t feel like I’m going to mess up the table.


Happy birthday to me and my other April coworker!  Too bad it never made it to work because I was supposed to have it there on Tuesday… oops.  Being sick is terrible.


Say hello to my little friends… the clowns that is.  Hahaha.


I like dots!


Mmmm… delicious!

Unfortunately though, because I waited so long to decorate the cake… a good portion of it got thrown away.  I’m very sad to admit that, but it just dried out.  If there were ice cream involved I’m sure it would have been a different story, but alas, there was no ice cream to be found.

Coming soon: My final Course 1 cake… I completed the class last night!


One comment

  1. I’m impressed – for someone who couldn’t be in class, your figure piping looks great!

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