Lovely flowers

April 29, 2009

My yard has flowers!

Our rhododendron is in FULL BLOOM right now.  It is GORGEOUS!



I love looking at this, it’s just so darn pretty.  Then that brings me to our azaleas.  We’ve been in our house just over two years now, and the azaleas that were here have done NOTHING.  I have always wanted a hydrangea bush, and we now have the perfect place for it: where the azaleas are.  So I decided that this year that was it, no more azaleas, I was going to pull them all out and start over… well, it seems that they had other ideas… observe:


At the time this photo was taken the azalea to the left of these two wasn’t blooming quite yet, but it is now, and it’s pink.  So how do I pull up blooming plants, hmmmm?  I can’t do it.  They knew… they knew it was bloom or be gone.  Somehow they knew.  So now the question is where am I going to plant my future hydrangea?  I’m just not sure yet, but I need to figure it out soon!

I also recently purchased a new flag that doesn’t have a sports team on it!




  1. Pretty

  2. I love rhododendron. As for where to plant the hydrangea, keep in mind that they can get BIG … I personally planted one next to my front door in my first apartment and loved it there.

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