Slithering surprise

July 1, 2009

Several weeks back now (although I still keep a wary eye about) I happen to notice a huge snake slithering across our back deck.

I didn’t get very many good photos, but when I say huge I’m not entirely doing the “girl exaggeration” thing.  It was about four feet long.


Also, did you know that snakes can climb trees?  Yes, well, they can.


This last one is fuzzy, but you can see the length of the snake a bit better.


I don’t mind having this one around so much because I looked it up, and it’s a rat snake… so, well, it eats rats and small rodents, so maybe it will eat the moles that have gotten into our yard.  However, something about snakes still creeps me out pretty badly.


One comment

  1. EWWW!! Better your house than mine! lol

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