Happy Blogiversary to me!

August 18, 2009

Wow… it slipped right past me.  Yesterday was officially one year of blogging for me!


The last month has been incredibly busy, some of you may be wondering where I’ve been.

Well, in a quick synopsis, there was a short vacation, a death in the family, a lot of being busy, and a lot more of that busy thing.  I haven’t really posted anymore on my fondant and gumpaste class because I only had the first two classes.  The teacher left after that, so they are still supposed to let us know what is going to happen, since we didn’t get to finish the class.

I should have some intersting upcoming posts on the joys of making marshmallow fondant (my first attempt) and a baby shower cake that I made with said fondant for one of the managers at work.  I also made some yummy crunchy cookies. 🙂

So stay posted, there should be some fun posts upcoming.

Oh, and they tell me it is National Cupcake Day, so go on over and enter my friend’s giveaway at I Heart Cuppycakes.  Really I don’t want you to because I’d like to win, but, it’s that helpful and friendly promotion thing. 😀

Maybe I’ll try that giveaway thing sometime.


One comment

  1. Happy 1 Year! That’s pretty exciting!

    Hopefully you’re able to finish your wilton courses. I look forward to seeing your cakes! 🙂

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