Flashback Friday

August 21, 2009

I may have mentioned way back that I was the Matron of Honor in one of my childhood friends weddings.  Well, as today’s flashback I thought I’d finally share some of the photos from the wedding.  They got married on April 25th, and it was a great day.

kristy-julieHere I am with the bride.  We’ve known each other since Kindergarten.

kristy-julie2In this one you can see her full dress, it was beautiful.

garterI had to include this one: one, because I like it, and two, because I thought my hair looked great that day and this is a pretty good photo of it. 🙂

w partyFinally, here’s the whole wedding party.  There were a LOT of us! Obviously not as many as some weddings, but for most of the weddings I frequent, I thought it was a large wedding party.

So Kristy and Craig, this post is for you.  Hope you have many years of married bliss.



  1. Beautiful photos! I really like your hair as well!

  2. Wow, that’s a really bad picture of us!

    • Well, it’s not the best, that is true.

  3. Julie – I love your hair! It looked to pretty.

  4. I think that weddings of childhood friends are the best… but I have actually only been to *one*. I agree about your hair, and love the amusing picture to show if off!

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