I <3 Auctions

October 14, 2009

Almost every Friday night in the general area there is an auction.  I have been going to auctions with my parents since I was a kid, and  I guess that it’s gotten into my blood or something, because I REALLY like going now that i have money of my own.  The key of course is that if you are planning on bidding on any items, to figure out how much you are willing to spend on said items before actually bidding… it’s safer that way, because then you know when to stop and don’t get taken over by adrenaline (although if you’re an auction frequenter, we’ve all had those moments too).

A few months ago I was at an auction and in my opinion I got a steal!  They had several different cake plates, and I was eyeing one that had a glass bottom with a silver foot.  Well, I had made up my mind that I wouldn’t spend too much, and I got it for $15!

The other thing that I was really tickled with was a box full of pans, most of them brand new and in the package.  I ended up getting the entire box for $35.  It was a little bit more than I wanted to spend, but my parents were with me, and what’s funny is that if I hadn’t gotten them for that price, they were going to bid on them for me.  I have awesome parents.  So here are my auction finds:


Everything in the box on the right is brand new and in the packages.  The pans and cheese grater that are on the table also came in the box lot, and if they have been used, they were kept in FANTASTIC shape.  So far I’ve used some of the loaf pans, and the mini fluted pans, and the mini heart pans.  They work really great and release the cake very easily.  I didn’t really need the mini muffin pans because I have several already, but I guess that it doesn’t hurt to have some extras.  All things considered, I think that I got a GREAT deal and I’m really happy about the purchase.

A lot of the things in our house have been purchased at auctions.  We got our dining room suit (cherry I believe), our dining room table and chairs, and our living room furniture (all leather, wood inlay details, with a large couch, loveseat, large chair and ottoman) all at auctions.  The best part is that even though the stuff is used, we couldn’t have afforded the quality of items brand new that we have, so it’s really great.  I like auctions a lot.  If you’ve never been to one I’d highly recommend it, they’re an adrenaline rush on top of finding some great deals and sometimes some unique finds!


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