You can fly, you can – uh-oh

December 11, 2009

I tried to fly Wednesday morning… I would say that it was like in Peter Pan, and I thought a happy thought and floated off of the ground… you know the song… but alas, I ended up more something like this:

I was in a hurry (something that with my reputation for clumsiness, I should never allow myself to be) and was going to “run” upstairs to grab something I forgot.  That was not a good idea.  I got to about the third step and slipped, crashing down into the stairs, bashing my right knee and my left forearm. Of course, my right knee is the one that I have ALREADY been having problems with… sheesh.  When I told my husband later that day, he said, “Well, maybe it fixed the problem??” I’m not holding my breath.

So where did that leave me?  Well, writhing in pain for a while until I could call into work and let them know I would be late because I had an ‘accident’ at home.  They never did ask me what happen when I got in, although I ended up telling at least one of my coworkers.  I had to whine a little bit, it hurts!

Gravity: 1  Julie: 0

We will meet another day gravity… another day.

Until then, I’m rather sore and bruised… but all things considered it could have been a LOT worse, and I’m very thankful it wasn’t.


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