Merry Christmas to Us!

December 17, 2009

So, the husband and I have been looking at getting Rock Band for a LONG time now.  We finally came across what we found to be a really great deal here, and we finally got it!

So, included in that deal was Rock Band AND Rock Band 2, the microphone, guitar and drum set… but of course we want to be able to have friends over and play all four parts, so I decided to get… wait for it:

That’s right, I’m a pretty big Aerosmith fan (and keep hoping they are not in fact breaking up…) and believe it or not, it was actually cheaper to get the Aerosmith Guitar hero bundle with the guitar AND game, then it was to simply but another Rock Band guitar.

Now, I thought that this game would be fun, I really did.  We had played it with some friends before and had a good time, but I didn’t truly realize HOW MUCH FUN it would be.  It’s nearly addicting.  So there’s been lots of fun playing that when we’ve had time.  It’s really fun when friends come over to play too!

Now, onto the main reason I was going to post this.  I came across this video yesterday, and I think it’s amazing!  Especially since we just got rock band and guitar hero, it made me appreciate it even more.  How cool are the things people come up with these days, right?




  1. Rock Band is so much fun! I haven’t played it in a while… maybe Mr. Bean and I should bring it out again!

    That video is amazing. I think it should be titled: When one of your parents, who is either and electrical engineer or electrician, has too much time on their hands. 😛

  2. I love Rock Band. Out kids got it last year and we have so much fun with it. This year they asked for Lego Rock Band so we will be rocking it Lego style on Christmas Day.

    Thanks for coming by.

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