February 1, 2010

For a good portion of my readers, getting snow is no big deal.

If you live where I do though, we pretty much NEVER see snow.  So, the fact that we got about 10 inches over the weekend is kind of cool.  The entire area was shut down today in fact, and it looks like most of the schools in the area are going to be closed again tomorrow.  I’m pretty sure the husband and I will be back to work tomorrow no matter what though.

Earlier i went out and cleared off our vehicles and shoveled the sidewalk.  That’s something I NEVER thought I would have to do!

So for your enjoyment, or laughter, or just to see what it’s like around here, a few photos of our January 2010 snow! 😀

A lot of my friends were posting photos of their cute little dogs in the snow… and I don’t have a cute little dog to take photos of in the snow, so I made one!

Happy snow day!



  1. Awesome! Even though I live in Canada, where I live 10 inches of snow (or even 10 cm!) sends the city into shock. It’s kind of pathetic, really.

    It looks like you both had fun! Enjoy it while it lasts. 🙂

  2. I don’t get snow either. (Thank goodness!) CA just got crazy rain last week though and we were going nuts. I’m just not built for anything but sunshine. HA HA. Love the snow dog.

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