Conquering Coupons

March 2, 2010

My husband and I started going through Financial Peace University in February.  For those of you who haven’t heard of this, it’s by Dave Ramsey, who really puts it in terms we can all understand how to GET OUT OF DEBT and live a DEBT FREE lifestyle.

We want to be:

As we are going through this (we’re doing it with our newly married church life group, which is great!) we are learning how to do a budget every month and March was the first month we are supposed to “put this into action” as it were.

Budgeting is new to both of us.  It’s actually quite scary when you put down on paper all the money that passes through your hands in a given time, and to see how much of it is going away from you.  We are making a serious effort to KEEP OUR MONEY!  We would like to retire someday, and we would like to do so comfortably.  We would also like to be able to pay for our future kids college educations one day, if that is what they choose to pursue, if and when we have kids.  All of these things add up to making some lifestyle changes.

So, I’ve become somewhat of a coupon hunter… okay, I’m sort of starting to obsess over it.  I’ve started following several great blogs about coupon clipping.  It’s wonderful because to be honest, I just don’t have that much time to hunt down coupons, but these lovely ladies are nice enough to do the work for me, and I can still get the savings!

Coupons are a HUGE deal, especially since on of our local grocery stores doubles coupons up to .99 every day, and on Wednesday they double all coupons!  Not to mention that we generally shop sales anyway, so when you shop a sale AND have a coupon, the savings are even greater!

I would like to share that our first ‘coupon centered’ shopping trip we saved %25 on our grocery bill.  I was rather pleased with that, but it’s not like what these serious coupon shoppers do… they usually save upwards of 70% on their shopping… SERIOUSLY!

So today I did better, it was a small trip, but I still saved 52%!  I was so excited.  Then I got home and realized they overcharged me for one of the products, so it should have been another .60 in savings, but I won’t huff over that… though, part of me thinks I might have if I had realized it in the store.  I’m on a budget here people!!

I am trying very diligently to cut back our grocery bills to keep ourselves on budget.  We really don’t spend a ton on groceries anyway, but it is one place I feel like I can try harder to cut even more costs.  When you put it all down on paper, at least for me, it makes me want to save as much as I can so we can get out of debt!

I will try to post more on my grocery shopping experiences and how much I am saving… every little bit will help!

So far I would definitely recommend Financial Peace University as well.  We aren’t even halfway through it yet, and I would recommend it to others, we have learned a LOT!

Okay cuppycakes… I’m working on it, see… 🙂



  1. HA HA! I’m assuming “cuppycakes” is me. 😛
    Good for you for trying to be debt-free. Hubs and I are so close we can taste it. I think it will be a tremendous weight lifted from our shoulders when we can finally pay off the last of our credit card debt. But I have a love-hate relationship with coupons. I tend to buy store brands so cutting coupons for name brands seems like a waste of time for me since the store brand always is cheaper. But dayum. 52% is a lot of savings. Maybe I should rethink my coupon strategy…

    • Yes, you would be cuppycakes. 🙂
      We buy some things store brand, but there are others that we like certain name brands. I am determined to ‘make it work!’ Haha… project runway humor for you.

  2. I’ve pretty much stopped using coupons. They just aren’t useful for gluten free living. I hardly buy anything but produce at the normal grocery store anymore. Instead I’m buying flours and meats from the health food store and co-ops. I do try to look for sales and clearance, but coupons work a lot better when you can actually eat the foods they make them for!

  3. Good for you for doing this!

    My husband and I usually have quite a large grocery bill – I blame it on the fact that I’m gluten free and we love eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, which adds up quickly! In reality, it’s that and the fact that we live across the street from the grocery store, so instead of meal planning, we go out and get whatever we want!

    For the coupon thing, I agree with itstrichy that most coupons are not for gluten free friendly things. That and I live in Canada, so I think there is slightly less coupon love up here. 😛

  4. Way to go using coupons! It does save a lot of money and it can be addicting:) I started couponing over a year ago and love it. I took a break when I got really sick from being pregnant-but now I am back at it because I saw how much I was spending on groceries again.
    My advice- Print out the coupon policy for each store, and don’t be afraid to be an “empowered consumer”
    Check out the blog list on the side of my “deals” blog for my favorite money saving coupon blogs.

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