May 1, 2010

So, amongst my long hiatus I have been making a focused effort to use coupons more effectively to help us save on our grocery bill.  We are just a few weeks away from completing Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and we have learned quite a bit about budgeting and paying off of our debt.  That way we can start saving for the future.

I have had a lot of FANTASTIC blogs that I’ve been following that are a great help to me as far as finding coupons and finding deals at various stores.  I’ll be adding them to my blogroll soon. 🙂

Farm Fresh is one of the grocery stores that I go to, and they double all coupons up to .99 every day.  Then on Wednesdays they will also double coupons of $1.00.  By watching the circulars to see what items are on sale and using coupons you can get a LOT of great bargains!

I went to Farm Fresh on Wednesday and walked away with the products above for about $10.63 plus tax.  I say ‘about’ that much because there were some other things we needed to get that weren’t on sale which we had already been planning on purchasing, but it threw off the sale/coupon usage, so I wanted to show the coupon usage. 🙂

I am still new at using coupons and everything, but I’ll try to break down what i did as best as I can.

Puffs Plus Lotion .99 ea.
.50/1 coupon on each DOUBLED = FREE

Crispix – 2 for $6
$1.50/2 = 4.50  (not cheap, but I love Crispisx, and we were out of cereal)

Ballpark Franks – Sale BOGO
.75/1 coupon – DOUBLED = .50

Hot Dog Buns – on sale .99
No coupon – .99

Hormel Chili – on sale 1.69
No Coupon – 1.69

Welsh’s Juice – 2.98 ea
$1/1 coupon = .98 ea

V8 Fusion juice – 2.50 ea
$1/1 coupon = .50 ea

Lance Crackers – 2 for $4
$1/1 coupon = FREE

So all in all I thought it was a pretty good shopping trip!
So that’s about $32.64 for $10.64 plus tax.

I also made my first trip to the customer service desk on this trip.  I realized as I was walking out that some of the coupons for the Puffs didn’t double since the double price was more than the cost.  The cashier was really great about it though, she loves coupons too, and she even gave me back the tax!

I’m getting a little better at this coupon thing, and it’s actually pretty exciting too.


One comment

  1. Wow! That’s awesome. I wish there was a grocery store in my area that doubled coupons. I haven’t been able to find one yet though!

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