Great Movies

August 27, 2010

You know, there are some movies that draw me in even if I’ve practically got them memorized from the numerous times I’ve seen them.

I find myself watching ‘Back to the Future’ tonight, even though I’ve seen it MANY times, and even though if I wanted to I could go and put the DVD in.  There are some movies that are just awesome.

I happen to be a movie lover, so I couldn’t even give you a top five list, it would probably be more like a top 25 list.  Besides, then there’s the whole category thing, as far as favorite action movies, favorite comedies, girly movies, fantasy movies etc.  Phew, it’s a LOT.  That’s probably why the DVD/Blu Ray collection in this house is a tad on the extensive side.

Granted, the Dave Ramsey get out of debt plan has prevented us from buying any lately (after all, we have so many to choose from to watch now, we can wait until we are debt free to buy more).

So, on this rambling note… what are some of your favorite movies that you could probably watch anytime?


One comment

  1. Back to the Future is pretty awesome!

    Some of my favourite movies are The Emperor’s New Groove, the old Star Wars Trilogy, V for Vendetta and Robin Hood Men in Tights.

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