September 24, 2010

Once again it has been a while since I have updated on here, but there have been serious changes taking place in my life!

I have left my job as a graphic designer for a completely different career, though still something I will be able to use my creative abilities in.

I am going to be a cake decorator!

(Not me or a cake I’ve done, by the way)

There is a new bakery opening up and on a whim (it is COMPLETELY different than what I’ve been doing) I decided to apply for one of the cake decorator positions, and God had a bigger plan than I did, because I got an interview and got the job!

Things are very exciting and very scary right now, ( most new things are scary) but I am going to try and post a little more with what is going on, even if they are short little posts.

Also,  I am thinking of changing the name of the blog… the address will remain the same, because I’m still quite the dreamer, but now I’ll be a decorator by day!  So I am considering a change with that too.

There are many more things I could go on about, but that’s the update for now!


One comment

  1. Thank is so exciting! I’m really interested to see what kinds of things you get to decorate! 🙂

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