Where to Begin… and other such things.

October 20, 2011

Has it really been a year since I posted?  Yes, yes it has.

Where does the time go?  A LOT has happen in the last year, to put it mildly, but instead of worrying about playing catch up too much, I’m going to focus on the here and now.  And the here and now is in PAIN!!!

In the past several years, really since getting married (not that I am blaming it on that in the least) I have put on quite a bit of weight.  For a while my husband and I were going to the gym somewhat regularly, and then we just fell off of the wagon about a year ago and didn’t get back on.  It has occurred to me in the last few months just how out of shape I have become and how MUCH weight I have put on.  I won’t put a number here, but regardless,  it isn’t pleasant.

So I made the decision to stop talking about it, and finally DO something.

There is a gym near our house called Compound Crossfit.  I’ve heard bits and pieces about crossfit, mainly from my cousin and her husband.

I finally realized that I am unhealthy, out of shape, and in no condition to even think about having kids.  One of my coworkers got a groupon for the crossfit bootcamp several months back, and signed up for the one in October/November.  Well, Friday I stopped  by to talk to them and sort of see what the whole thing was about, and now I’m going through their bootcamp with her.

Let me just say, this may be one of the toughest things I have ever done.  Saturday morning was the orientation and fit test.  That doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Well, if you were in even semi-decent shape, that may be the case.  However, not having been active pretty much AT ALL for the last year, I wanted to cry.  The fit test consisted of a broad jump, (how far you can jump forward from a stationary position) as many situps as you could do in a minute, as many squats as you could do in a minute, as many push ups as you could do in a minute, and your time on a 800m. run.  To say the least, I am not proud of my stats.  However, everyone has to start somewhere.  The fact that I am even doing this bootcamp at least means that I do want things to change.

Saturday afternoon I could barely move, and by Sunday it was all I could do to stand up and sit down.  Then came Monday… and Monday night, being the first actual night of the boot camp, I did end up crying.  I’m not really ashamed to admit it, because I know that I am pushing myself.  At least I didn’t throw up, although I came quite close.  We did a good bit of running to start.  Then we separated into teams (which we will remain in for the rest of the boot camp) and did various sprints.  They had regular sprints, and also lunges, broad jumps and bear walks (those were very not okay).  Then the teams that lost (sadly, mine lost a lot) had to do push ups and/or burpees as a result of not winning.  I have to say though, even through everything (the pain, the breathlessness, the near passing out or throwing up) everyone was incredibly encouraging.  No one thought it was bad that I was having trouble or trailing behind in *insert activity here,* instead they were cheering me on.  As silly as it sounds, I definitely need that. Then we went inside to do the longest 12 minutes of my life, or so it seemed.  We did squats for a minute, then push-ups for a minute, then box jumps (or step ups in my case) for a minute, then we got a minute of rest… then we did the entire cycle two more times.  That may not sound like much, until you are actually doing it, and then it is INTENSE!!

After Monday night I was wiped.  I went home, iced my knees, ate some dinner, showered and crashed.  Thank goodness I have a loving husband who fixed me dinner and brought me ice packs too!

Tuesday came and I was still SO SORE.  It was hard getting up and down because my legs and knees hurt so intensely.

Wednesday, still sore, and uber nervous about what was to come Wednesday night.

In fact, I was so nervous that I had butterflies all evening up until I went (I did Monday too though).  Maybe it is because it is challenging and difficult, maybe because it hurts, maybe because it is something that I guess I do care about, because I don’t want to be the sort of Mom who can’t keep up with her toddler, or even just the kind of adult who gets winded walking up a flight of stairs (which I do).

As it turns out, I did have every right to be nervous.  Once again, there was running, and then, just when it looked like there was a light at the end of the tunnel, we did Indian runs, which is where you are running in a group, and the person at the back of the line sprints to the front, and so on.  We ran enough for everyone in each line (about 10 people) to go twice.  I’m not sure how long that it took, but it felt like forever.  My lungs felt like they would burst, and I was nearly hyperventilating I was so out of breath. I am truly ashamed to be sharing all of this, but that is where I am.

After that, they had “the rope” out, so we ended up doing tug-of-war for a large part of the evening.  Team against team, winner against another team losers against losers and so on and so forth.  Of course the losers would do burpees or push ups, depending on how the trainers were feeling.

When we’d finally done enough of that, we went inside to do some more intervals of sorts.  We learned how to do a kettle bell swing and then our teams were put into stations.  We rotated between sit-ups, burpees, and kettle bell swings.  We did 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off for four minutes and then switched stations.  Again, it was incredibly intense.  My knees were bothering me so much near the end (I’ve always had issues with my knees, and to top that off they were actually bruised from Monday) so they had me switch to doing squats while my team was doing burpees.  I felt a little bad, but quite literally my knees are both bruised and it was more than just “pushing through” the pain.

When I got home last night may have been the worst, I was actually incredibly nauseous.  It was all I could do to force down a little food before I just couldn’t stand it anymore.  I was lightheaded and nauseous, I guess I pushed myself pretty hard after all.

So here I am.  Today, Thursday, I am still sore.  I am not as sore as I was before perhaps, but that doesn’t really mean it is any less, it’s just in different places.  They don’t care if you whine or complain… just as long as you don’t give up.

Well, so far so good.  I dread what tomorrow night is going to be, and I am sure that it will once again be out of my comfort zone.  In fact, I may be breathless and crying again before the night is out or even throw up, but his is just the beginning.  I suppose I’m putting this out there as much for myself as for anyone else, so that when I do make progress, I can look back to see where I started.

Did I mention they have us on a special eating plan too?  That’s all for another post I guess, but I’m doing my best to stick to it.

So right now that is the newest thing going on with me.

How is it out in your part of the world?



  1. Julie! I am sooo proud of you! You’re my hero! You are doing amazing! I’ve heard of crossfit and had thought about attempting it. I had heard it’s tough…. but now…wow! Stick with it! You’re awesome!

    • Thanks.

      It is really tough. I’m already getting butterflies about doing it again tonight because it is really difficult. I am more sore today than I was yesterday! I imagine it is from the tug-of-war and the kettle bell swings as it is mostly in my arms. Thanks for positive input though, I really need it. I can’t believe it is only the first week of this!!

  2. Good for you!! I’m not envious of what you’ve had to do as that is super intense. It seems like most boot-camp trainers are masochists, doesn’t it?

    I did a one day bikini bootcamp thing last year (it was free with donations of bras for breast cancer or something) and it was so tough. By the end of the two hours, I was only doing things half heartedly because my body wasn’t able to do anything anymore! At least there were tons of people so that the trainers didn’t come yell at me. haha. I think I was sore for a week!

    • I guess that’s one thing I can say, so far I have not done any of it halfway. Regardless of how much it hurts and how bad I feel, I’ve still pushed as hard as I personally can. At least when they yell, while it is yelling, they are trying to motivate you do to better. They aren’t berating you or degrading you, but more telling you that you can do it, so that helps.

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