Crossfit Bootcamp 2.5

February 2, 2012

I started this draft as follows when I was doing bootcamp, obviously a while ago, but thought i should still post it. I should finish out the story of how things went.

So… week two passed and I didn’t post about it.

I have forgotten a lot of what we did last week already, since I am about halfway through this week. I remember there was some tire dragging, lots of burpees, bear crawling, push-ups and the like. Oh right, we also worked on pull-ups. I remember a lot of running, sprinting, once while carrying 25 pounds above your head… it was still intense. I know there was more, but perhaps my brain is working on blocking it out. Once again I pushed through… one night I was actually feeling sick all day, left work early, and still pushed through to go that night. I almost got sick a couple of times, but I still pushed through… it’s crazy.

Then there was last Friday night that was COLD and DRIZZLING RAIN… I still went, I still pushed through, I even did a little better in a few things.

This is just so incredibly difficult. The mind over matter thing is working, and helping, and the team environment is good too, my team helps me push through a LOT… that doesn’t make the pain any less though. In fact, my knee has been bothering me quite a lot since last Wednesday, and after last night (which I will talk about at some point) I have scheduled a doctor’s appointment to get it checked out. I may have actually done something bad to it, I am at least getting it checked out to be certain.

I am so exhausted. I know this will be worth it, but right now all I want to do is take the day off and sleep.


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