My CrossFit Discovery

February 13, 2012

So it’s been a few months now, but I did make a huge discovery during the whole CrossFit boot camp process.  It’s not what you might think either.

After that CRAZY DIFFICULT AND STRENUOUS workout we had with the owner of the gym, I went home in a LOT of pain.

Even though I refused to accept it, my loving husband didn’t think it was just regular workout pain, and made me go to the doctor the following day.  As a result of that visit I couldn’t finish out the boot camp.  Until we could figure out exactly what was wrong there was to be no more working out.  So I missed the last three workouts.  I still attended them to cheer on my team and everything, but I didn’t get to participate, which hurt because I’d pushed so hard to make it that far.

I did not get to do the fit test at the end of boot camp to see how far I had come (I know it was a LOT), but at least I still got to do my final measurements.
Overall I lost nine pounds in the month of the boot camp, 1/2″ in my neck, 3″ in my hips and 1″ in my waist.  I think that was all we measured, I have the sheet around here somewhere still.  Even though I had to miss the last few workouts, I was very happy with the overall results, and the fact that I pushed through until the end.

Now, back to what the doctor had to say: I guess I’ll give the short version… after a lot of doctor visits, a (come to find out later pointless and not covered by insurance) MRI on my knee, and several X-rays, even though I found out that I have multiple tears in my meniscus, that is not what is causing me pain.  Bottom line, I have about 1/3 of the cartilage in my right knee that I’m supposed to.  I knew it was only a matter of time until something went wrong or became more apparent with my knee or knees; bad knees sort of just run in my family, but the timing sort of upset me.

I was incredibly glad that there is not to be any surgery, at least not in the foreseeable future.  That’s good and bad.  I did NOT want to have any sort of surgery, I was scared to death of that, but on the flip side, there isn’t really a whole lot to be done about my knee.

The specialist wanted me to lay off of my knee and heavy working out etc to see if that helped with the pain.  It has helped, but it has also put a real damper on the progress that I had made in working out and getting back into shape.  I realize at this point this update probably sounds more like rambling than anything else, but it is just a lot to get out.  I am trying to work my way back up to more rigorous exercise, but if I listen to the orthopedic specialist, lunges, squats, and pretty much anything that puts my knees and 90° angles or further shouldn’t be done, and if I don’t do those, then I really can’t go back to crossfit.  I’m not really supposed to be doing anything with high impact on my knees either, which sort of knocks out running too.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of running, but I was getting a little better at it, and was hoping to continue to do so.

So there it is: the good, bad and ugly of my Crossfit bootcamp journey.  I am SO glad that I did it, I just need to find that momentum again, and FAST!


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  1. That sucks about your knee! I guess knowing is better than not knowing but still. I hope you’re able to find something as well!

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