Grand Opening

October 2, 2010

Well, the bakery opened today, and overall I would say it was a great success! I don’t think that the massive turnout was quite expected (they actually almost sold out a time or two), but there is a learning curve. If today is any indication, however, I think that the bakery has a BRIGHT future ahead of it, and I’m looking forward to being a part.

Happy Saturday!


Crocheting fun

September 25, 2010

Why do I keep forgetting how much I enjoy crocheting?

I will not post photos of the stuff I’ve made in the last day or so because they are going to be gifts… and the people who will eventually be receiving those gifts may possibly read this (I doubt it, but you never know for sure).

However, I am reminded what a relaxing hobby it is, and I am glad that I chose yesterday and today to remember it.  Since I start my new job on Monday and am rather nervous about it (even though I am quite certain it will be fine) it’s nice to work on something that is relaxing for a while.  It’s especially nice to work on projects where you can see your results!



September 24, 2010

Once again it has been a while since I have updated on here, but there have been serious changes taking place in my life!

I have left my job as a graphic designer for a completely different career, though still something I will be able to use my creative abilities in.

I am going to be a cake decorator!

(Not me or a cake I’ve done, by the way)

There is a new bakery opening up and on a whim (it is COMPLETELY different than what I’ve been doing) I decided to apply for one of the cake decorator positions, and God had a bigger plan than I did, because I got an interview and got the job!

Things are very exciting and very scary right now, ( most new things are scary) but I am going to try and post a little more with what is going on, even if they are short little posts.

Also,  I am thinking of changing the name of the blog… the address will remain the same, because I’m still quite the dreamer, but now I’ll be a decorator by day!  So I am considering a change with that too.

There are many more things I could go on about, but that’s the update for now!


Great Movies

August 27, 2010

You know, there are some movies that draw me in even if I’ve practically got them memorized from the numerous times I’ve seen them.

I find myself watching ‘Back to the Future’ tonight, even though I’ve seen it MANY times, and even though if I wanted to I could go and put the DVD in.  There are some movies that are just awesome.

I happen to be a movie lover, so I couldn’t even give you a top five list, it would probably be more like a top 25 list.  Besides, then there’s the whole category thing, as far as favorite action movies, favorite comedies, girly movies, fantasy movies etc.  Phew, it’s a LOT.  That’s probably why the DVD/Blu Ray collection in this house is a tad on the extensive side.

Granted, the Dave Ramsey get out of debt plan has prevented us from buying any lately (after all, we have so many to choose from to watch now, we can wait until we are debt free to buy more).

So, on this rambling note… what are some of your favorite movies that you could probably watch anytime?


3 months already?

August 26, 2010

Wow, i sure am a blog updating loser.

I just don’t know where the time has gone.  I haven’t been doing anything crazy exciting, but I have been keeping rather busy.  I have had the opportunity to make some more cakes though!

This was a Settlers of Catan birthday cake.

Then there was the quilting cake for my mom’s birthday!  I got the idea for the cake online, so it’s not an original design.  I can’t recall now where I saw it though.

Then there was the Mary Kay cake for our annual awards night!

Most recently there was this fiesta inspired cake for my friend Morgan’s birthday!  We had a great time at her party.

So, there’s a brief update at least on the cakes I’ve been making, if not what else I’ve been doing lately.

I will try to post a little bit more frequently, in the event anyone is still reading. 🙂



May 20, 2010

Signing up for free stuff is like Christmas every day in the mail!

These are some of the things I’ve gotten in the mail in the past few weeks:

Free stuff is AWESOME!


Farm Fresh Triples

May 19, 2010

Farm Fresh was running a triple coupon sale Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of this week.  They would double up to .99 face value coupons, up to 20 coupons, and only two of the same coupon were allowed.

Here are the rewards of my shopping trip:

In case you can’t tell from the photo that is:

1 McCormick Perfect Pinch seasoning
2 Ortega Taco seasoning mixes
1 McCormick Grillmates marinade packet
2 Swanson stock
2 Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mixes
1 Betty Crocker cookie pouch
2 Suddenly Salad mixes
1 Texas Toast croutons
1 Betty Crocker chocolate frosting
2 Betty Crocker Warm Delites minis
1 Minute Rice Ready to Serve cups

My purchases rung up to $29 and some change.  So that is nearly a $30 value.  Then I handed the cashier my coupons.  I even got my green bag discount.  My new total was $6.05.  I also had a Kellog’s kickback coupon from my great purchases last week (which I have photos of and am planning on also sharing soon).  It was a coupon for $4 off of my next purchase, so that brought my total down to $2.05.

As my receipt says that is a savings of 94%!

Now you can probably  see why my husband felt a little bad spending $7 on the few items he brought home.  I didn’t mean for him to feel bad though!

I was asked today why I would purchase things  I don’t necessarily use regularly just because I have a coupon.  Well, the way I look at it is if I’m going to be able to get whatever that item is for free I don’t see what the problem is.  It also gives me the opportunity to try new products that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Since February coupons have completely transformed the way we look at our grocery budget.  It has also challenged us to eat more out of our pantry and be more creative with our meals.  It’s exciting!